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Boost Your Digital Marketing This 2017 With Our Practical Tips

26 Sep 2017 / Digital Marketing


In the world of digital marketing, 2016 has been an impeccably incredible year. Digital marketing is an industry that never slackens, the targets keep moving, new algorithms are initiated and enhanced, platforms keep advancing and changing, and some features are developed, while others are ended.

To be competitive in the digital marketing industry, it is very important to analyse, be aware and foresee plans, anticipate latest and future changes. The faster you hit the right button, the better you can stay ahead!

Here are a few key takeaways that will uplift your digital marketing strategies in 2017:

1.Video ads and live video streaming will increase and overshadow the rest.

Despite the fact that video ads are definitely zilch new for social media sites, there will be an increase in the acceptance of video ads among all the internet users. Social media users have started to expect and anticipate more, especially towards the prompt and instant content. Live video streaming has become the most happening method used in digital marketing, and the credits go to high-speed internet and presence of smartphone. But, with the increasing apps and platforms with live streaming features, video live streaming will draw million of viewers and will be used by more individuals and brands than 2016.

2.Demand for data visualization will increase and there will be a great development in data visualization tools.

Data is a lifeline for every digital marketer. Digital marketers require quantitative information to enlighten them on who’s purchasing what, when did they purchase it, why have they purchased it and what is the most effective way to reach out to them. Some data is not very understandable, but, in 2017, technology will catch up to the interpretation part of data analysis. The technology will be more sophisticated, and data analysis needs will be greater than ever. Every digital marketer will use data visualization tools for the betterment of their business.

3.Native advertising will be in high demand.

Even though native advertising has been the oldest method used in digital marketing and brands have been utilizing it since years, this coming year, native advertising is improving and more effectual in grabbing customers’ attention. Brands that previously didn’t opt for native advertising would now opt for it, due to its improved form.

4.Growth and expansion in immersive experiences in content marketing.

Immersive experiences stimulate our senses, the feeling of drawing us in, transferring us to a different place, and keeping us in the moment. These experiences make it more realistic and engaging on all the devices. It could be playing a game on your mobile phone, watching a 360 video, or hosting live webinars. Users expect more than staring at their phone and this experience will provide interaction and involvement.

5.Niche Markets will be targeted by brands on a higher rate.

Digital marketing has attracted many billion businesses into social media marketing, that the social media sites are flooded with brands. The best way to deal with this issue is to target a detailed and precise niche, appealing to a restricted variety of demographics with an explicit and definite topic.

6.Dense content will be required to stand out amongst the other content.

In 2017, digital marketers need to focus more on dense content as every word and line counts. Social media users scroll infinitely at the newsfeeds and browse through the content of every brand that they follow. Sometimes we speed read articles and skim through posts due to its repetitive content. We look at articles only after reading the article name. So, it is important for digital marketers to make dense content their key.

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