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Precise Digital Marketing



We often stick to being modest, but boy, have we produced work that makes us brim with pride. Here is a selection of campaigns, websites, and apps that we would like for you to take a look at before you convert to a client.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Mobile App


A data rich website with multiple programs to represent, was transformed through tech function and design thinking with improved search engine optimisation.

Signature Club

The results of this serious transformation is a website that reflects the luxurious nature of the club and properties while elevating the discoverability through improved SEO.

Sara Silk Store

Originating a Sara’s online presence, this website prioritises its e-commerce needs without compromising on the aesthetics.

Children Of Krishnagiri

A clean and stirring website with a distinct narrative that also enables simplified donation collection and automatic recipient mail generation.


Masterfully designed and developed 3 websites (India, ANZ & APAC) that most importantly consolidated the wide range of their products with 750+ pages on each website.


An informative website that reflects the international standards and culture of WTC, it is concise yet impactful.


A website that introduces the brand and its story while creating a clean and interactive platform to generate and improve sales.

Strategy Garage

A well crafted website emphasising on strategy & process, while shining a spotlight on the people that make the company what it is today.


With 3 main targets - showcasing past, current and future projects, a well defined history of the company, and an engaging section for the investors, the website addresses the company’s business goals.


A shining example of how thoughtful use of UI/UX, brands colors, design language, and functionality can transform an otherwise mundane website.

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