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Precise Digital Marketing

Media Buying

Digital Media
Planning & Buying

Just a couple of decades ago, media planning and buying consisted of print, radio, OOH, and TV.

However, can you imagine a conversation about media planning today that does not revolve around social media?

While a lot remains the same, like how crucial identifying your target audience still is, the ability to personalise marketing has been a game changer. Changing the way both consumers and marketers behave.

Tactical Buying

If you believe a media spread that worked for a vintage table could work just as well for a portable bluetooth speaker, you fail to understand the nuance of media planning and buying. While the entire family sat in front of the same TV or people across economic standings read the same newspaper a few years ago, the wide range of choice available divides the audience into extremely narrow segments today. To have the right impact, it is crucial your communication is made in just the right place.

Timely Targeting

If you’ve ever taken the time to explore the subject of marketing, you’ve heard of the sales funnel, haven’t you? How you could use that funnel today is ofcourse, phenomenally different. While you are investing heavily in brand awareness, and still not seeing the desirable results, what your audience really needs could be a gentle push to make that final call to action. With the knowledge of what stage your consumer is, Synergos specialises in carefully constructing the right message and putting it in just the right place.

Testing & Retesting

We don’t want you to just take our word on the process though. We adopt various tools that allow us to test if the results match the promises, and why. Consistent testing of ad placements and creatives to uncover what’s working and what’s not, gives us the opportunity to refine and improve when they’re not. Quantifiable results leave little to no space to doubt our expertise.

Media Buying

Essentially, digital media buying involves purchasing a share of digital media space and time to run advertisements and then monitoring how the ad is doing and making adjustments as needed to optimize the ad's performance. However, this involves judicious strategizing and negotiating to make the most of the brand's ad budget, which is best left to a team of professionals.

Identifying The Best
Media Outlets

The best media outlets are not the same for any two industries, brands, or campaigns. Identifying the right media outlet is based on the nature of campaign, who you are targeting, the product / service, your spending limit, and many more factors. If you thought this was the easy part of the job, think again.

And Buying

A long presence in the digital marketing landscape and organically built relationships in the field with media providers allows us access to media platforms that could otherwise not be known to brands, at a reasonable price.

Monitoring and
Optimizing Results

Post campaign reflection is often the last, but most important part of the media planning and buying process. Analysing the effectiveness of the campaign by collecting data and drawing insights is only possible through setting up data collection points throughout the campaign.


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