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Precise Digital Marketing

Our Team


A perfect balance of members that provides a mix of experienced wisdom and youthful perspective leads us forward through each novel challenge. A healthy obsession from each member that is constantly finding new solutions to age old problems, is what makes Synergos, Synergos.

Abhishek Akshay Akshit Anand Anirudh Anish Aparna Armstrong Ashish Athul Ayush Bharat Chaitanya Chandini Geeta Deepika Ekant Evelyne George Jyothi Karthik Karthikeyan Keshav Lavanya Lawrence Libin Likitha Madan Madhimita Mansi Nimitha Nirup Pavan Pranendu Rayees Franko Rupali Sai Prasanna Shiva Subair Sushmita Sutapa Vaishnavi Vishal

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