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Precise Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Does your brand need a Social Media presence?

Of course!

There is no brand today in any industry, that could gain true recognition without a healthy presence on Social Media.

But is being present enough?


To break through the clutter of 3.6 billion voices on social media is not an easy task. But our artistic approach to the science of marketing enables us to create communications that designs a unique voice for your brand. With our strong team of wordsmiths and visual designers your audience’s attention is sure to be held.


We believe data analytics is an important enough parameter to be a part of our ethos. However, the greatest error you can make as a brand is to mistake your audience for mere statistics. As a Social Media Marketing agency, Synergos remembers that behind each of this fraction of a number is a real human with thoughts and feelings. This perspective blesses us with a rare competitive advantage - the ability to not just reach your audience, but to connect with them.


Have you wondered what makes for a great social media advertising strategy? With Synergos, it is the one that aligns with your business goal. Whether we push with social media advertising, or pull through participating in relevant trends and responding to brand mentions, the potential to convert a user to a consumer is limitless, and we intend to embrace every opportunity.

A Thorough
Competitor Analysis

To help you keep track of players in your industry and accurately find your standing in the marketplace, we conduct a thorough competitor analysis. Our process starts with highlighting gaps in the market and crucially, fulfilling them as soon as possible. After all, the early bird gets the worm!

Engaging Organic
Social Campaigns

Planning and executing a fresh, unique and relatable campaign can just be the rocket that can boost your brand reputation, awareness and sales. Our goal is to create an authentic connection with your audience in a world with ever-diminishing attention spans and growing distractions for a successful social media campaign management.

Data Driven
Paid Social Campaign

Sometimes, a paid social media campaign is the best way to support an existing organic campaign. We devise carefully curated ad and paid social media campaigns that aim to target a specific audience based on core demographics such as age, interests and geographical location.

Tracking Your
Social Campaigns

Sure launching an effective social media campaign is great, but you also need to track your progress! With our thorough analytics, we can pinpoint what works for your business and what aspects of the campaign need improvement. Get thorough, yet easy-to-grasp reports regularly so you can keep track of your online presence and evaluate your SMM services.

Why You Need SMM

Uphold encouraging
brand value

Establish your brand
as thought leaders

Increase brand

Build multiple touch
points online

Increase focus on call-to-actions for
the brand

Showcase your
corporate voice in
the right light


Found us interesting?

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