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Precise Digital Marketing

Email Marketing


Fun Fact: Email marketing creates 42 times the return on investment on average.

So you’d think every brand that can, is spending on Email marketing. But they aren’t.

Reason 1: They underestimate the value of the medium.

Reason 2: They don’t know how to do it.

Which is why you need the guidance of an industry leader to not just tell you to spend money to make money, but to tell you how to spend as little money to make the most money.

Low Investment - High Return

Email marketing could easily be the most cost effective way to turn a lead into a revenue generating resource or a brand loyalist. A good email campaign needs to attract, inform, and motivate the reader. Sounds hard, doesn’t it? It is. But with a team that's exclusively dedicated to mastering the art of strategising and executing Email campaigns, Synergos has got your back.

List Accumulation

Did you know there are certified courses dedicated just to managing Email lists? We did. We also took them. Users today are wary about giving out their personal information and you’re not getting anything out of them without the perfect lure. Even when you do, you have to ask yourself if you’re luring the right people and if you are, if you’re doing enough to keep subscribed, and if you are, if you really have their attention, and if you are… you get the point. There are a lot of questions and we happen to have the answers.

Landing their Attention

How many times have you scrolled right past a promotional email and never given it a second thought? Plenty? We did too. Reaching your inbox doesn’t necessarily mean having your attention. When Synergos begins a campaign, it ensures its readers are felt compelled to open, welcome, and spoken to by the brand. There’s a reason the largest security solutions trusts us to represent them, isn’t there?

Email Campaign

All your Email marketing needs under one roof. From setting up effective campaigns to post-campaign analysis, we help you make the most of your Email list. So let's reach out to more people, create more meaningful leads and increase your conversions together.

Email Marketing

How do we maximise your audience reach while in the minimum amount of time? By setting an effective Email marketing automation process of course. Here quality email designs meet a precise targeting process that can help get your message across in the most efficient manner possible.

Email Template

A first impression is a lasting impression. We help create stylish and functional email templates that are pleasing to the eye as well as maximise responsiveness. They are robust and are designed to be functional across multiple devices and browsers.


One of the most crucial steps in Email marketing. Here, we ensure that your email targeting efforts are not wasted. Our set of processes ensure that Emails reach the inbox of your client, and as far away as possible from their spam folder.


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