Email Marketing

Drastically evolving in the marketing industry, Email Marketing has made the marketer-consumer relationship more viable, instant and interactive. In recent years, email marketing has emerged as a basic marketing platform for most companies, retailers, businesses and markets.

As a method of marketing, email marketing is not only effective but one of the most inexpensive channels of internet marketing given the choices offered.

Some of the email marketing objectives are:
  • To enhance the business–client relationship.
  • To acquire new customers.
  • To increase sales.
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Email marketing campaigns are powerful marketing tools for attracting new prospects while developing and building client relationships.

SYNERGOS complies by this and has successfully designed, developed and implemented email marketing campaigns and email newsletters to several recipients on behalf of our clients. We design and strategize the campaign with relevance to your company’s branding while they can also be customized in accordance with the client’s requirements. The emailers can be tracked for their rates, link clicks and unsubscribers too.

Our team of specialists design the email, align to the code of standards and aim it to the target audience as per the clients’ needs. It is evaluated by the number of subscribers, frequency of sending, statistics and analytics desired surveys and multiple subscribers’ lists.


IT industries

Educational institutions

Web portal

Healthcare companies

Manufacturing industries

E-commerce sector

B2B Companies

Real Estate industries

and more



Establishing Database

Obtaining micro-detailed database as per the requirements of the client and campaign.


Determine format

Formatting the email as Newsletters, Promotions or Announcements.


Designing emailer

Designing the emailer requirement with the customized content.


Emailer development

Developing the emailer with the html coding for quick clickable links to the preferred page.


Frequency and delivery

Scheduling the email marketing campaign as monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly to result in maximum impact and minimum intrusion.


Controlling Spam

To send emails to the audience only with their consent; and not to send out to opted out customers to help control spam.



Measuring the results of the campaign based on open rates, link click through and landing page.


Tracking and reporting

We believe in regular reporting so you can track your campaign progress every step of the way. All progress and analytics reports are delivered on time.


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