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Love working here at SYNERGOS. I've got a great team and company to excel myself in terms of client communication and performance. One thing I have to mention about SYNERGOS is, they encourage your working style and help you work on client projects, independently.


I have gained skills and experience that I never imagined. I have been working at SYNERGOS for the last 4.5 years. In the past few years, the company has provided good opportunities to advance my career in various fields with strong company culture, and I was able to develop my skill set. The company offers good benefits, and also provides additional training to continue learning new skills.


I’ve had a good experience at SYNERGOS and DotnCube. As a developer, SYNERGOS is the right platform to provide you with opportunities and an ideal environment that helps you grow. In the technical front, I’ve learned a lot that hasn’t only pushed me to grow but also helps me balance my responsibilities. I would really want to thank the management for giving me this opportunity.


It's always nice to work on new and interesting projects with competent people. SYNERGOS never fails to provide me with that. My time here has been great because of the variety of work that I was able to get involved in and the amazing people I've met.


One works close to CEO as well as the client, which is rare in the industry… growth like nowhere else and this company feels like home.


Everybody is treated equal, fresher or a senior person, which is really nice.


I have been working at SYNERGOS for 2 years. I joined as a backend developer, but I got an opportunity to work front end also. And, working with my colleagues is no different from being at home because people show the same kind of care and love that you get from family. This is an amazing place to work and thanks to Vishal to have given me this opportunity.


SYNERGOS is my second home for 6+ years now. My life can be categorized into BS (Before SYNERGOS) and AS (After SYNERGOS)!
A long journey full of learnings, fun and growth!


Having worked at SYNERGOS for 6+ Years, I am happy to say that I have grown with SYNERGOS. With great work culture and great passion that SYNERGITES and CUBERS collectively share, I am proud to be a SYNERGITE and a CUBER.


I have been working at SYNERGOS for less than a year and it’s been a great experience working here with very friendly colleagues. I got a lot of learning opportunities and the freedom to work independently.


SYNERGOS values people. My journey here has allowed me to foray into the varied interests I truly am passionate about, in short, they have given me the opportunity to introspect, grow and evolve which I value the most in the current market.


Working at SYNERGOS has been wonderful because there is the pressure is always met with fun and laughter. It is like a family and it is very interesting to work with them.


My experience at SYNERGOS has been awesome. The work culture here is enjoyable as well as productive. I feel the team is open to suggestions and newer learnings related to work. With great learning opportunities, I would like to thank SYNERGOS for the amazing work culture that is being encouraged.


It has been a fulfilling experience working at SYNERGOS. Lots to learn and a fun place to work at!


SYNERGOS is one of the best organization to work with. Surrounded by lot of fun and nice people. I enjoy working here!


Working at SYNERGOS has been a fulfilling experience. A fun team with a lot of things to learn! Work culture is very good and definitely some of the coolest colleagues to work with!


SYNERGOS has provided me with a friendly environment and great learning opportunities!


I’m completing almost 3 months here. I have seen myself growing in all aspects of skill, knowledge & much more. The exposure I have got here in terms of my core work has been extremely rewarding & satisfying. I wish for the prosperity of the organization from all ends. Good luck!


Good place to start the career in digital marketing, good support from senior employees. Skilled colleagues to learn other things also from them. Balanced work life.


I would call SYNERGOS my second home. I spend most of my time here and SYNERGOS helps nurture my passion. With a lot of learnings and satisfying growth for the last 2.5 years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank SYNERGOS.


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