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Precise Digital Marketing

Case Study

How Synergos achieved the marketing objectives for St. George’s University, School of Medicine, Grenada, by penetrating the South Asian, Middle Eastern & Indian market.

Marketing Objectives:

  • Increase the brand awareness and recall amongst the audience
  • Generate details of people who are interested in the courses offered by SGU
  • Increase the percentage of marketing qualified leads and hence the admissions too.

Key Results

Highest market share in terms of audience reach Organic and paid across all mediums Growth in leads YoY: 240%

Improvement in quality of leads: 30%

Percentage increase in number of searches for brand keywords like “SGU”: 400%

240% increase in leads from South Asia, primarily from India

About St. George’s University, School of Medicine

Founded as an independent School of Medicine in 1976, our client, the premier choice in Caribbean Medical Schools, has evolved into a top center of international medical education, drawing medical and MD program students, alumni, and faculty from over 150 countries to the island of Grenada.

What was told to us

Increase brand awareness and generate leads of potential students from countries in South Asia and the Middle East.

The challenge was to capture the market and grow in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Students and their parents from these countries have a general hesitancy about opting for Caribbean countries like Grenada, and so, the university isn’t their first choice.


  • Promote the university’s USPs to create brand awareness.
  • Meet the proposed number of applications.
  • Establish the university as a coveted destination for medical studies.

Challenges with Aspirations

  • Venturing into a new market
  • Generating quality leads and consolidate the university as a premier option
  • Creating new location-specific microsites to cater to the local audience
  • Instilling a positive outlook towards Grenada as a med school destination

Here is what we did to achieve the marketing objectives

  • Started with a detailed market research
  • Understood and defined the target audience
  • Identified the right channels for promotions
  • Formulated a winning strategy
  • Set up a target
  • Execution of the plan
  • Optimising thru machine learning and human intelligence
  • Monitoring the results
  • Maintenance

1. Venturing into a new market

The process started with analysing the market and identifying the behaviour of target audience. We created new microsites/landing pages to disseminate necessary information with the audience. Appropriate digital platforms were zeroed in to demonstrate the university’s USPs and increase brand awareness. Digital Ads were formulated to target various segments like Preclinical students, Parents and MD applicants. Social Media Optimisation was implemented for the target segment to promote the university and its courses.

Result: The number of searches for branded keywords increased by 300-400% YoY
Through the bidding strategies and ads, we made sure that the SGU ads remained in the top 3 positions

Our SEO Strategies ensured that SGU receives over 8000+ average monthly organic traffic and keywords maintained 1st position. As shown in the below graph, SGU’s organic keywords do not overlap with other businesses offering medical services, we believe in performing with specific targeting, designed to provide quality traffic.

2. Lead generation

Generating leads required us to plan online events that catered to the target audience and gave them the flavor of the med school. Webinars and Mini Med School events were planned and promoted through ads on the digital channels with customized communication for different target segments. Students and their parents got to interact directly with the university representatives, about the life as a medical student at St. George’s University and the courses offered. We also collaborated with 3rd parties from the education industry to bring in more students to sign up for the events. Interested students were given a one-on-one consultation about the courses, admission process, visa details, and more.

Result: The overall leads increased by 240% YoY The total number of applications have increased in 2021

3. Establishing St. George’s University as an aspirational med school

We started with creating a web page that listed 100 reasons why the university is the best option for medical aspirants. Curating social media communication that talked about the safety of the location in abundance, was next. The one-to-one consultation with regional managers clarified the students’ doubts further. A robust email marketing strategy further strengthened the university’s relationship with the students.

Results that Speak Volumes:
  • Growth in leads YoY: 240%
  • No. of applications from India (Jan – May 2021): 18
  • No. of applications from Middle East (Feb – March 2021): 11
  • Percentage increase in number of searches for SGU: 24%
  • Improvement in quality of leads: 20%

The End

The client is happy with the great closure for this financial year. We are looking forward to the new year with high spirits and improvised strategies. We are confident about generating more quality leads and thereby increase the number of applications and admissions.

*Data as of April 2021

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