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Which Chrome Extension is Best for SEO?

20 Oct 2021 / Search Engine Optimization

As a marketer, you would be well aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 97% of people learn about a company online, and Google owns nearly 90% of all searches, allowing marketers to work on SEO optimization on a daily basis.

There are numerous Google Chrome extensions that aid in improving SEO services, and most of them can be used right in the browser. Chrome extensions are a great way to improve SEO strategy while tapping into the power of link building services and seeing competitors’ analytics.

Here are a few Chrome extensions (which are compatible with Firefox and Safari as well) which keep track of most of the analytics:

MozBar is an extension by Moz. It allows users to export SERPs and access analytics. This extension comes in handy while browsing the web and searching for any potential competitors.

Ubersuggest allows one to access keyword data from Google search results. It also shows the related keywords and certain other details about them. 

This tool displays three different information for keywords: the monthly search volume, cost per click and Google Adwords competition. This in-browser extension can make a lot of processes smoother.

SimilarWeb offers metrics on traffic and keywords. It allows users to see statistics and strategies for any website. It provides excellent value to those looking for new and effective SEO strategies and those interested in different trends across the market.

BuzzSumo is the answer to SEO tracking for social networks. This extension makes it easy to track shares and top-performing content on social media pages. It can also assist in checking the backlinks provided on your pages.

Minor errors can create a massive impact on the website’s traffic. Something as small as meta tags can impact a page’s ranking to a great extent. Meta SEO Inspector helps to ensure that the meta tags are correct.

SEO Minion helps find broken links and assists in making improvements to a website. This extension also helps translate content to other languages and aids in targeting customers in different regions, speaking different languages.

Serpstat allows one to check the SEO of their website as well as the websites of competitors. The extension also allows a full SEO audit of a domain. Serpstat has three sections, namely, on-page SEO parameters, page analysis, and domain analysis.

Check My Link enables the checking of links with one click. It scans through web pages for broken links. The extension makes sure that the links are working correctly.

This extension makes browsers capable of advanced data mining. It offers numerous SEO functions such as webpage URL, title, meta descriptions, follower counts on social media, and monetization techniques.

The extension provides an easy yet detailed overview of a website. The detailed review covers Alexa rank, indexing information for Google and Bing, and SEMrush rank. It also offers specific reports like density and diagnosis. 

This extension allows users to access insights on keywords and backlinks in the Google browser. It shows the global as well as the regional search volume. It also indicates the number of backlinks for each result while providing a rough idea about the number of links needed to rank in the top 10.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing an extension for SEO. One can choose the best extension based on their requirements. One can even try everything one at a time before zeroing on the extension that works the best, as all of these extensions are free. Don’t let search engine optimization stress you out! Synergos is an SEO company in Bengaluru offering affordable SEO services. Connect with us to experience the best SEO services.

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