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Integrated Digital Marketing Guide for Crypto and Blockchain Companies

15 Mar 2022 / Digital Marketing

Cryptocurrencies in the past few years have made an enormous progress by growing both in value and popularity, resulting in quite a few crypto-start-ups across India. The only way to progress for these start-ups is Marketing Digitally.

And we know how challenging is crypto-marketing!

Crypto Marketing is Tricky!

Let’s start by outlining the biggest pain points for crypto marketing in India.

#1 The Obvious: Most Crypto Companies are Considered to be Scam!

It may seem that many crypto companies happen to be scams. However, Indian cyber police are extremely active and aware. Faith in genuine crypto companies have to be instated in audience.
So, the companies have absolute dependency on digital marketing. Content and the context of the content being advertised is extremely important to crypto-start-ups. It is important that people believe in you!

#2 Online Marketing for Blockchain Companies is Expensive

The crypto industry is dynamic and technically advanced, making it difficult and demanding. It cannot be handled by average online marketers. Pricing of expert marketers makes it expensive.

#3 Paid Advertising Challenges

The abundance of crypto start-ups makes it highly competitive. Mediums like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many others have imposed restrictions on promoting cryptocurrency companies through paid advertising. There’s a heavy due-diligence and detailed reviewing for every ad and ad campaigns.

#4 SEO for Crypto Start-ups is Super effective but very hard

80% of SEO companies take time in delivering results and achieve the companies’ SEO objectives, 15% of the companies use “Black Hat” techniques. These techniques are highly risky and fail soon. SEO is a slow process but it yields the best marketing ROI.

#5 Advertising guidelines for Crypto in India

ASCI (Advertising Council of India) has mandated standardise disclosures for Crypto ads. ASCI has emphasised on banning the word “Currency” being used, as it is misleading. Here are brief crypto guidelines from ASCI:
In social media, a standardised disclosure must be used as caption, in pictures and videos too: “Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.”
Words: “Currency”, “Securities”, “Custodian” and “Securities” cannot be used in the ads.
No ads can communicate that virtual digital assets could be a solution to money problems
Ads cannot communicate statements promising or guaranteeing future increase in profits
Ads must not compare virtual digital assets to regulated asset class.
Ads should not communicate that understanding virtual digital asset products is easy or downplays risk.

Integrated Digital Marketing for Crypto Currency in India as on today:
Crypto Currencies in India has been catching eyes and growing to about 10.7 Crores crypto investors in India. Total holdings estimated at INR 400 billion (USD 5.37 billion). Crypto is certainly getting more widespread compared to a few years ago. In fact, many believe that Crypto would change the finance, healthcare, retail, real-estate and other vital industries in the world. This clearly shows the reason of increase in crypto start-ups in India. All these start-ups and established companies use digital forum to meet their marketing objectives. Most of the target audience are either reading news and information about crypto or following crypto currencies on social media. Digital marketing is undoubtedly the best way to advertise Crypto Currency. It’s important for these crypto companies to have the best designed website and a precise crypto integrated digital marketing strategy.

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