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How Do You Come Up with Content Marketing Ideas?

03 Oct 2021 / Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever had days where you have spent umpteen hours thinking of content marketing ideas, only to come up with none? Have you ever been close to a deadline on content marketing ideas, only to find each passing minute makes you feel more anxious as you have not thought of any ideas yet?

Guess what, you are not alone!

According to SEMRush’s Global Report on State of Content Marketing 2020, many struggle with creating engaging content.

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Of the numerous challenges listed, the following predominantly deal with developing the right content:

  • Creating content that generates quality leads
  • Creating content that attracts more traffic
  • Developing content that resonates with the target audience
  • Finding ideas for new content

As ironic as this may sound, creating engaging and valuable content is the cornerstone of all marketing strategies. Good content marketing ideas will not only capture the attention of the audience but will also convince them!

As per SEMRush’s Global Report on State of Content Marketing 2020, here are some efficient content marketing tactics of 2020:

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Here are some try-worthy content marketing ideas:

  • Use the power of Slideshare

Once you find out the most popular post on your website, turn it into a PowerPoint presentation and upload it on Slideshare. Repurposing existing blogs is an idea that is often overlooked.

  • Update your old blogs

Updating and republishing a blog is a great content marketing strategy that will guarantee the lifetime value of a blog post and help it rank higher in Google. By including the date of update, visitors might not get confused.

  • Highlight questions

Apart from an FAQ section on the website, questions asked by customers can act as a source of inspiration for a blog post. One can pick a question every week to engage with different audiences.

  • Convert long-form posts

Long-form posts have been proven to rank higher on Google and other search engines. To engage with the audience, long-form posts can be converted into downloadable materials which they can read at their own time.

  • Micro-content for the win

While long-form content helps in SERP ranking, micro-content is a way to connect with the audience daily. Posting trivia, video, quiz, poll, opinions, etc., on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will help build presence and connections.

  • Tap into the trends

Engage your audience with topics that are trending or controversial. Creating content marketing related to these topics allows you to create buzz around it.

  • 101 Guides to the rescue

There are beginners in any given field. Creating a 101 guide or hacks or a ‘how to’ post will help beginners learn a concept while simultaneously engaging them.

  • Guest posts

Publishing guest posts will provide the audience with quality content and promote content among newer audiences.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content helps in curating the best kind of content. It doubles as proof to establish a brand’s credibility and win customers’ trust. It would attract many customers as people would be willing to believe recommendations from other people than a brand itself.

  • Themed content

It can be daunting to develop content marketing ideas when there are so many things to talk about. Having a particular theme for a day or a week can help narrow down the topic. Sometimes the themed content can even be visual as videos/visuals have their appeal. When the themes are induced with the right emotions, the content marketing strategy is bound to be a hit among the customers!

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still reigns as a content marketing strategy, understanding what kindles the audience’s interests can help make these content marketing ideas a huge success. Choosing the right topic is fundamental to developing and driving an effective content marketing strategy. Synergos is a leading content marketing agency in India. For help with content marketing services and online content marketing, contact us.

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