7 Traits Effective Copywriters Have in Common

Copywriting is all about the details. And all great copywriters are sticklers for what they believe is the right way to create content. But somewhere in between the quirks and strategy, we find that all efficient copywriters have certain habits in common. Here are the seven habits that can help you be a great writer: […]

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How has Social Media impacted the planet Earth?

Social Media has always been in the limelight under constant scrutiny and overwhelming appreciation. The fact that small acts of appreciation or criticism by common folk or a renowned celebrity, travels across oceans in no time, is a matter of interest to many. Having said that, how much is social media really impacting our society […]

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Web Friendly Fonts – Managing Fonts for Accurate Website Designs

How many times has it happened that you designed your website, only to have it not render the way you expected? Unfortunately, there are only a few fonts that are safe to use. If you thought you could just pick up a “pretty” font from your computer and use it on your website, you’re wrong! […]

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6 things you need to think over before keyword insertions

Is your keyword relevant? This is by far the most important and mostly looked over fact. Choosing a keyword is not rocket science but it is definitely an art that works on the science that more relevant a keyword is to the consumer who is looking out for your products, better are your chances of […]

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