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With billions of businesses out there on a digital platform trying to market their products, it has become indispensable for all of them to advertise through search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and market your products in an increasingly competitive environment. It provides businesses with a growth opportunity to place their ads in front of customers who are willing to buy the product.

SEM promotes the visibility of your website on search engines by using paid advertisements and maximises the traffic to your website. It delivers the right products to the right target audience at the right time.

How does SEM help your business?

  • Higher visibility
  • Improves lead generation
  • Quantifiable and dynamic
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases brand equity of product
  • Targets ads for different languages and locations
  • Competition advantage
  • Greater ROI


SYNERGOS, a leading digital marketing company in Bangalore provides its clients with creative, innovative and the most desirable solutions. The SEM team offers unparalleled services for gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Our search engine experts have extensive expertise across all services from SEM keyword research to pay-per-performance advertising.

SYNERGOS, a company with a constant state of advancement, believes in maximising the right visibility and traffic for our client’s website. With our comprehensive knowledge, lucidity and diligence, we have assisted our clients in creating the highest marketing results and high visibility. To generate revenue and increase ROI, our SEM team develops complex campaigns from shopping campaigns to SKAGs, to deliver the best to our clients. Not only do we increase the conversion rates and decrease overall cost per acquisition for our clients, but we also get users and the right target audiences to new businesses.

We provide our clients with customized SEM strategies based on their website, products and the industry that they are into, including building custom landing pages wholly focused on driving new MQLs, detailed AdWords auditing of previous campaigns, building thorough lists and tracking each user, designing creative ad copies to reach your target audience and providing the optimal SEM strategy. Our SEM team ensures that our clients make the most revenue out of each impression from their paid campaigns.


IT industries

Educational institutions

Web portal

Healthcare companies

Manufacturing industries

E-commerce sector

B2B Companies

Real Estate industries

and more



Gathering information

A detailed analysis of the website to achieve desired results with our SEM strategy.


Research competitors

Analysing the target market, customer’s journey and auditing competitors. Review historical data, cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition and revenue.


Implement tracking

Implementing basic to advanced tracking options for all clients by Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified experts.


Build keywords

Identifying the right keywords, refining the account or building a new one from scratch by maximising each bid in every campaign.


Develop ad copy

Creating well-researched, high quality and SEM friendly ad copies.


Optimise landing pages

Bringing the most valuable traffic, we use our tested CRO methodology to get the best conversion rates for your landing pages.


CPA tracking

A thorough in-depth evaluation and management of your campaign with ROI.


Monitor strategy

We make sure you do not overpay! We monitor, report and refine the strategy to decrease your load time, gain feedback and improve your user experience.


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