Media Buying

Online media planning and buying simply comprises of answering the below questions:

Which? When? Where? Whom?

Every marketing communication requires a channel to reach their desired customers. With the increase in media options, dissected audiences, technological advancements, growing presence and rising demands, the business of media has grown significantly.

Depending on your campaign objectives, a well rounded online media plan is essential in order to reach out to all your customers. Industry standards indicate that it usually takes two to three views of an ad for a customer to react to the message. Hence, a broad media campaign is essential than utilizing a single channel. By including a variety of media tools in the campaigns we can maximize the campaign efficiency by taking advantage of how one media can build upon the reach of another.

Here are some of the reasons why media planning is essential:
  • Interpretation of reach
  • Targeting and retargeting frequency
  • Impact on the target audience
  • Improvisation of strategies
Media planning on a paper


As a media buying agency, SYNERGOS helps its clients to capture the best ad spaces at the best rates. We help you to utilize those spaces in the best possible way.

Addressing the need for a channelized media approach, SYNERGOS lays down the choices and directs you to the best approach in reaching the media objectives. Thus, determining the best blend of media channels to achieve the desired objectives and utilizing the right amount of investment and simultaneously directing to the target audience.

With extensive experience in digital marketing, we determine, select and integrate the most effective media tools for our clients. We innovate ways to create impactful media strategies and engage the desired audience through focused media planning, eventually delivering excellent value.


IT industries

Educational institutions

Web portal

Healthcare companies

Manufacturing industries

E-commerce sector

B2B Companies

Real Estate industries

and more



Marketing Integration

Knowing the client’s overall marketing goals, executing the online strategies, defining ad creative and landing pages, and implementing a conversion metric for landing pages.


Customer Psychographic

Coming up with the target demographic, their income level, their reliability to the product are analyzed and implemented in the strategy.


Displaying the Ads

While displaying ads, making sure of contextual, remarketing and behavioral remains one of the mandates in online media planning.


Controlling your costs

Controlling the costs involve day parting, geographic placements, keywords and phrases, frequency capping, placement targeting and exclusions along with back end processes.


Ad types

Deciding on the ad type – static or flash, depending on the strategy.


Ad placement

Placing the ads on DTS (Direct-to-site), display networks such as Google or Bing, or affiliate networks, based on the plan of action.


Ad verification

Verifying the ads comes as a final step of the online media planning when we are set to establish value for the brand.


Establishing value

Scanning through the original goals again with estimate CTR, estimate conversion, determining cost of conversion, offline mechanisms and PPC ads.


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