Voice Search Optimization


Voice search has long been considered as a luxury, but now since more users are navigating the internet via voice commands, it has become something of a voice search optimization as a basic requirement. Why would we sit down and type out details when you can speak them and get answers immediately? In this respect, we have come a long way with virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa conducting routine activities like weather forecasts, breaking news, fixing meetings, real-time traffic monitoring, and delivering precise GPS locations. All this knowledge appears on our screen without pushing a button or entering a command as written instruction.

According to Google, 270% of growth is seen in people using voice search in India alone. In fact, research conducted by KPMG and Google indicates that by 2021, nine out of every ten new internet users in the world are expected to speak an Indian language for every voice search. PWC estimates that 71% of respondents choose to use their voice assistant to check for queries, rather than to translate their questions manually. 

The most significant thing to note here that the specific SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) responses generated may differ with spoken and typed queries. So the websites which have better voice search optimization have higher odds of attracting future customers. 

The voice search function has an untapped potential in the digital market when it comes to strongly associating the spoken question to exact keyword matches. Let’s dig a bit further into the importance of voice searches.

Voice search is a massively successful new technology that has the potential to grow in prominence  and when it does, can transform the way SEO is managed; it can boost the user experience, bring more visitors to your website and help you remain ahead of the competition. Technology is continuously evolving, and users are getting more involved in it, which means voice technology is not going anywhere. Google has improved the word recognition accuracy levels from below 80% to over 90% in the past few years alone, and that means devices are getting simpler to use and communicate.

Over the coming years, businesses that wish to stay recognizable to customers would have to find a way to integrate voice technologies into their digital marketing campaigns.

Optimizing Content for Voice Search

Now that we have understood the importance of voice search, it is necessary to understand how voice search can have an impact on a website.

Voice Search Specific Keywords

Keyword analysis has always been relevant in all aspects of marketing and advertising; when it comes to voice search, it is no different. It would be best if you considered these distinctions: individuals are likely to be more realistic in their voice inquiries; long-tail keywords & conversational terms are ideal for more semantic search results. Again, phrases will be at the core of the approach which you’ll use as keywords for voice search. Google Analytics and search results feature ‘People Also Ask’ which is a useful predictive resource to customize the keywords for voice-based questions with the latter offering specific feedback on each question.

Tone and Style of Writing

You ought to use the users’ language to best appeal to them. Many times you do not hear a person voicing out their question in a clear comprehensible language. Therefore, a familiar and casual tone is often recommended, and the content can also match accordingly. Although the writing style is altered and adapted to the personality of a user, it is vital not to digress from the key purpose of transmitting essential details. The answer should be clear and concise. 

Speed of the Website

Ultimately, we ought to understand where the real voice queries come from, and how to improve the performance of a specific website. The solution is already crystal-clear: there is no way to get to the voice-search without first crossing the SEO river, and this is why mobile optimization is essential. The most critical part of having a successful mobile version of every website is to ensure that the sites load in no more than 2 seconds. Note that, when asking voice questions, users demand almost an immediate response and a slower platform operates to the opposite effect, thus frustrating the user away.

Voice Search to Drive Traffic

While the voice communication opportunities have not yet been thoroughly investigated, one obvious point is that businesses with a voice search function will be compensated with higher website traffic. Anytime a voice assistant delivers a response, it always gives the users an option to access the page from which the answer came. It may imply a huge increase in traffic for businesses that are effective with voice-optimized SEO because they always show as the top result or featured snippet that has the answers.

As voice technology continues to evolve and become more familiar with customers, the incorporation of a voice search campaign in an overall digital marketing program would become extremely unavoidable for all businesses. Voice search could also be a powerful method to improve website traffic and fight competition, as long as you have a good voice-optimized SEO campaign in place to bring the brand on the top of the search engine results.

Voice-enabled searches are here to stay and are developing rapidly as we go deeper through the technology’s ever-expanding capabilities. Fast and appropriate answers, besides flexible and open choices, increase the chances for voice search optimization. Businesses should start diverging  towards tactics that seem to be radically different from SEO practices to gain imminence on the digital platform before the competition in the field increases. We at SYNERGOS are constantly researching and learning to update ourselves with the latest technological evolutions that can be used for increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. We are your one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs with an experienced team and proven results.

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