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Valentine’s Day Facts and Figures that will make you Gasp

After the end of quite an eventful Valentine’s Day, it has been noted that around 5.2 million (325,000 kg) roses were exported to 25 different countries from Bengaluru Airport between February 1 and 14 2018.

Countries to which the roses were exported to include Malaysia, Kuwait, Singapore, Japan, U.S.A., United Kingdom, South Korea, the Netherlands and New Zealand with Malaysia, Kuwait and Singapore being the top three importers. Last year, about 293 tonnes (4.7 million roses) were exported to 15 countries. As per this number, there has been an increase of 10 per cent in the export of roses this year over last year.

Karnataka is known for its flower production in India. The state stands proud of its varieties of roses like noblesse (reddish pink roses), Dutch roses (bright red roses), and gold strike (yellow roses).

Source: Bangalore Mirror

Here are few more stats from the rest of the country:

1. Indian florists make a business of INR 220-250 million on a whole on Valentine’s Day..

Source: Vouchercloud

2. 23% Indians buy jewellery as Valentine’s gift.

Source: ET

3. Indians buy gifts worth INR 1500 – 3000 on an average on Valentine’s Day.

Source: ET

4. Sale of condoms and contraceptives increases by 20% during Valentine’s week.

Source: Vouchercloud

5. 14% Indians go for gift cards.

Source: Vouchercloud

6. Viagra sales shoot up by 26% as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Source: Vouchercloud

7. Indian men show a liking towards cufflinks and ties as gifts and women prefer jewellery and phones.

Source: ET

Millennials have converted Valentine’s Day into a commercial event and the numbers presented above prove the same.

Do you think the numbers will increase next year? What’s your take on Valentine’s Day and the ‘moolah’ involved? Let us know.

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