Understanding Pixel Data in Events Manager

The Facebook Pixel helps businesses in understanding and measuring the effectiveness of your Facebook ads. The effectiveness depends on the way people respond to your Facebook ads and the actions they take on your website as the result of the ads.

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Once you have added the required Facebook Pixel code to your website, you can see the pixel event data in the backend. Let us know about it in detail.

In your Facebook Adverts Manager, go to Data Sources tab. If there is more than one pixel, click on the one you want to see the results for. You will now be able to see some basic information about the pixel on this page (its status, last activity, etc.).

Further you can click on any of the following sections to get more details:

  • Events Received: This gives the total number of events received by the pixel.
  • Top Events: This tells how your data has been effectively matched to the audience on Facebook.
  • Activity: This is a graph that shows the number of events that have taken place on each of the previous 7 days. These are the events that are attributed to the audience that has seen your ads. This further helps you understand the behaviour of the people visiting your website and helps you identify the issues (if any) on your website.

Event Metrics

When you click on Details to get more detailed insights about your Facebook ad performance, you will come across the following reporting metrics:

  • Events Received: This gives the total number of events received by the Pixel.
  • Total Value: This gives the total value of all events in the time period selected by you. This depends on the monetary value that you have specified for the events.
  • Matched Events: This gives the number of events that are matched to people on Facebook.
  • Matched Value: This gives the total value of all the matched events in the time period selected by you.
  • Attributed Events: From among the matched events, this gives the number of events attributed to people who have clicked on or viewed your ads across all ad accounts of this particular event.
  • Attributed Value: This gives the total value of all attributed events in the time period selected by you.


Once you have selected your Pixel, click on Activity to see a list of different kinds of actions that people take on your website. These are activities that have been measured recently by your Pixel. Click on the event you would like to view.

For example, PageView; and you can take a look at the last 100 PageView events that have taken place.
Similarly, you can get details of all the events that you have set up.
Now, you are all set to run Facebook ads, track and monitor them and understand the resulting audience behaviour and actions. Would you like to share your experience with Facebook ads with us? Contact us and we can discuss over a cup of coffee.

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