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Being ‘mobile-first’ in 2020 will mean so much more than having a responsive website design. Mobile devices have surged ahead of traditional computers when it comes to consumer demand and online traffic. More mobile devices are shipped than desktops and laptops, and mobile will soon account for the majority of overall website visits. Mobile has already crossed that threshold for many locations and industries. It would be best if you implemented more advanced mobile SEO techniques to reach the highest possible Google Search results and reach as many customers as possible. Search engines have already begun prioritising mobile-first websites whose owners are researching to optimise them.

More searchers use mobile devices than ever before, and search engines use innovative techniques to tailor their queries with the appropriate content. According to Statista, 560 million people use the internet in India. Out of this 560 million, 448 million people use the internet through their mobile devices. To ensure you’re not left behind, you’ll not only want to make sure your content looks great on mobile devices, but also help search engines decide what kinds of queries your website is supposed to rank. 

Mobile SEO is a deliberate method by which websites can be optimised for perfect display and comfortable use on any handheld device with any screen size. The websites falling into the category of mobile-first indexing, achieve a high rise in mobile searches. Even though it is not the only parameter in Google Search Engine for ranking mobile sites, it is one of the most important. Mobile SEO can be implemented quickly. Analyse how your audience do their query searches and target those keywords which are local, long-tailed and short-tailed. By incorporating those keywords, you can also optimise your content. And for technical SEO, the structure and representation of the content may be modified. 

Having a mobile-friendly website is becoming ever more critical to businesses. Not only can it help customers to reach you easily when they’re on the go, but it will also have an impact on search engine optimization. Some of the importance of mobile SEO are:

1. Improved User Experience

We’ve all been there when a friend sends us a link via text message or email, and when we try to open that link on our mobile device, a messy load of the unorganised website is presented to us. This will kill any chance that you have of turning that visitor into a consumer. If the user is unable to browse and read the content of your website from a mobile device, they will leave instantly, leading to an increase in bounce rates. Some reports show that in the past 12 months, 60% of mobile users encountered problems when browsing websites that led them to abandon the page.

2. Improves Organic Traffic

Mobile SEO helps you improve organic traffic, which is traffic from the Google search results that are directed to your site. Google is most significant when it comes to mobile SEO. Google doesn’t rank you where you plan to be in the future, it ranks your site the way it is today, and it’s essential to focus on performance, user experience and content to improve the ranking of your website. 

3. Increased Time Spent on your Website

You have limited time to capture the attention of a website visitor. This is even more evident for mobile devices, as users access your website while out and about on the go. If a visitor can easily navigate your pages, and the content is written in a mobile-friendly manner, you increase the probability of converting visitors into consumers. 

4. Faster Website Loading

Speed is essential because time is limited. A regular website which is not optimised for mobile devices will render very slowly on your mobile device or, in worst cases, it may not load at all. A ready-to-use mobile website will load quickly, as the code is structured to be compatible with mobile devices. Studies show that mobile website users will leave the website if it does not load in more than 3 seconds.

5. Competitive Advantage

A good mobile site makes your brand stand out in a crowded market, increasing the chances of a visitor taking the time to place an order and keep coming back. Multimedia websites such as online magazines and newspapers are one good example of this. By being ahead of your competitions, the sites that provide the best user experience will always come on top.
More and more people today make mobile devices their first choice when looking for new products or services and evaluating them. As a result, developing a fully responsive desktop and mobile-friendly website is not the only prerequisite for improved search visibility but also optimizing the mobile SERPS as well. Mobile websites are essential if you want to get more customers and increase sales. Having a mobile optimised website will allow your business to stay ahead of the competition. Synergos is a strategic-thinking team of digital marketing experts and creative minds with the goal of providing simple and effective digital marketing service to various brands. We help brands find and create a strategic position in the virtual world and unleash their true potential.

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