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Social Media: What should we expect out of it?

Social media is ‘talk of the town’ these days. Today, all companies, big and small want to experiment with this medium but are unaware of what exactly that they should expect out of it. Social media often results in crooked expectations.

Firstly, what does a social medium do in the first place? What do we understand from it? Wikipedia describes ‘Social media’ as interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Thus, with increase in the connectivity of people through access to internet and mobile phones, there is a huge scope of people engaging with each other as well as the brand. Some of the best performing websites today on social media are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

The freedom to speak here comes with both positive and negative aspects. We can easily understand industry trends by having a close look at what people are interested in and talking about in real time, helping us collect a lot of information on our target market. This can further help in segmentation and targeting of consumers. After all, people are spending an average of 4-6 hours of their day on these platforms.

If we direct the conversation in the right way, we can surely increase the reputation of the organization. It helps in top of mind recall by engaging in things our stakeholders are interested in. This could further lead to aid sales force by giving them relevant leads, thereby increasing your profit margins. It is a great tool to increase website traffic through link building, thus helping a lot in brand building through awareness and exposure.

Having said the above, the same freedom can lead to chaos if the brand is not monitored properly. Hence, it becomes very important to monitor online reputation. Today, an average consumer expects a reply from the concerned brand within an hour for issues, queries and complaints they share via social medium and there has to be someone to listen if not solve all the problems. And thus, it becomes important to have a dedicated social media representative for your organization to listen, talk, engage, influence and build brands on the digital medium.

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