Guide of seo and UX

How do SEO + UI/UX drive better results?

Guide of seo and UX

The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past year. Advanced proven metrics such as new and returning visitors, top organic landing pages, user demographics, conversions etc., are evolving to be a lot more important than the usual digital marketing staples.

We are all aware that, traditional marketing trends rely comprehensively on SEO for most of the above metrics. But, by banking on just SEO in today’s digital marketing scenario, are we missing out on better opportunities to increase the traffic?

The answer is YES!

With digital marketing being picked by every brand to make an online presence and boost their performance and metrics, SEO has sure made its presence irrevocably important. But, the coming together of SEO and UX is as integral as other vital elements such as social media and content strategies, development and integration, etc.

There are many contributing factors to developing effective SEO and, UX is one of the lesser known but majorly influencing aspects. Implementation of an effective framework to improve the metrics in terms of SEO and UX is imperative! Read on to know more.

1. Is simplifying the structure important?

In layman’s terms, while SEO is responsible to drive traffic to the website, UI/UX is responsible for conversions. With a user friendly and visually appealing design, the chances of conversions increase to a significant extent. And, convincingly, both, the end user’s take away and the business conversions are met.

2. Why you should focus on page load speed?

With constant demand for instantaneous results in this digital era, the audience rarely appreciate increased loading time. Researchers have concluded that, the total time a user waits for a page to load is anywhere between 6 to 10 seconds, maximum. So, the structure of UI/UX needs to be designed in a way that it complements the SEO process.

3. Is content still the king?

There have been many arguments that content has taken a back step in digital marketing, but, we would like to tell you that content is still the king. The UI/UX needs to be implemented in a way that the design highlights the content. Hence, design and content need to be in sync for relevant traffic and conversions.

4. What design elements should you pick?

Many designers deal with space constraints by adding elements such as videos, unnecessary pop-ups, music, etc. However, it is advisable that these space-filling elements need to be restricted, as they have a huge impact on the bounce rate. If these elements are influencing the users to leave your page, it simply suggests that you are giving your relevant users an off-putting overall experience.

5. Why is understanding analytics data vital?

A full-fledged understanding of analytics is extremely crucial in designing your website for the right target audience. With the help of keywords and analytics numbers, a user’s behavior, his/her search trends and interests can be congregated in a better way. This can help you design accordingly and thus, stay in harmony with the SEO.

6. How do back links and accessibility play a role?

Back links and social media mentions hold an important position in the promotion of search rankings. Also, making your website accessible does not just flatter the present users but also drives potential users to your site.

These are the basic factors to be considered while planning to integrate search engine optimization and UI/UX in your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch with us for more information on the topic.

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