6 things you need to think over before keyword insertions

  • Is your keyword relevant? This is by far the most important and mostly looked over fact. Choosing a keyword is not rocket science but it is definitely an art that works on the science that more relevant a keyword is to the consumer who is looking out for your products, better are your chances of performing well. Also, your website shouldn’t be unrelated with keywords you have painstakingly put in there.
  • Keyword competition: Keyword competition is the measure of difficulty in ranking a keyword depending on how popular that particular keyword is. Long tail keywords come to your rescue if the keyword competition in the industry is too high.
  • Long tail keyword or Broad keyword? Firstly, let us understand the terms. Broad keywords are usually short words/phrases that give a broad understanding of your industry and company. They are not specific enough to be unique for your company and might also apply to other companies in same or different industry. Long-tail keywords are longer (usually more than 4 words) and more specific to your services, products or locations. Thus, we need to look at the trade off between the search volume and ability to rank up for on the website by choosing keywords wisely. A broad keyword might give us better visits but might not end up as leads. On contrary, the long tail keywords are more likely to give better leads even with low search volumes but are difficult to find and manage. It’s always fruitful to strike a balance between the two.
  • What’s your competitor doing? A look at your competitors’ website and a simple search for them online will help you understand what they are doing right or wrong depending on how they rank on the search engine. You can emulate the good ones and work on the bad ones thereby minimising your efforts and maximising your gains.
  • Are you overstuffing keywords? As they say, “Too much of anything is bad”. So, is the case with keywords in the article you are planning to increase your website optimization with. Google is smart and has worked up algorithms to understand the difference between a quality and quantity and favour the former without any hesitation. So that if you are found to try and fool in the search engine, your website could be penalised and never ever show up in the places you are putting in all this hard work for.
  • nclude Synonyms: If you feel that the keywords you have for your webpage are being used time and again and you want it not to look stuffed, use of synonyms will still help you rank. Try it.

If you make sure to optimise the keywords keeping the above things in mind, your website is sure to rock n roll.

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