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Behind Facebook Business pages – The Hidden Secret Unveiled for the First time

Facebook Business pages are a brand’s online identity today. Right from contests to humour to some seriously innovative marketing campaigns your brand’s page has it all. It also has the best feedback time in airing customer grievances which can be used time and again to better product/service offerings and even build up your customer pipe-line in a timely and transparent matter.

But is that it all? Answer queries/Be Innovative/ Be Creative/ Build Brand Value to which we at SYNERGOS, a digital marketing agency opine it as “NO” and have gone a step ahead and have designed an integrated digital marketing strategy to get the maximum from your Facebook business pages.

Although the secret success recipe vetoed by prominent thought leaders is the Face value or the interaction time the customer spends with your brand online. The major PR or Word of Mouth activity about your Marketing initiatives happens offline.

Transparency and honesty about future goals and gaining a clear insight into business needs helps copywriters create personal and effective content.


Think of those offline discussions, review site participations, Ghost blogging or even a networking event where Word of Mouth about your brand plays a major influential role. Initiatives like these can either help/hinder your Facebook Marketing efforts without the slightest hint of your knowledge.

Being an internet marketing company where we have seen the two sides of Facebook Marketing, We have devised a few strategies for our clients to help them get the best lying behind the untapped potential of Facebook business pages.

  1. Implement Alerts for your brand
    Facebook just displays what’s happening with your brand in the network. However it excludes search happening online. Implement email alerts through free alert tools like Google Alerts, Talkwaker which will intimate discussions about your brand in specific intervals.
    Apart from this make it a daily habit to search for your company/brand name and be real-time spontaneous to manage reputation management for your brand.
  2. Implement Keyword mapping for your updates
    Existing Customers know where you can be found socially. However you are missing out on a larger part of the untapped market if you overlook to use keyword mapping for precise interest targeting, Geotargeting etc.
    By browsing a list of competitor keywords we have helped brands to generate ideas on “About” and “Target for Optimization” which has helped them successfully Connect the Dots with their competitors.
  3. Multiple channel activity for a broader reach
    Although Facebook shows the shares, reach and the virality of the posts made, we as a digital marketing company emphasize on creating a mapped multiple channel mode for pushing aggregated content. This not only enhances the share ability but also creates a higher brand association which you can again sync it back your Facebook Business page.
  4. Engagement parameter
    Although Facebook provides segmented metrics of engagement parameters easily, brands should not forget the traction that is happening on their website which can again be mapped by Google Analytics. The best part is that although this is a free tool it offers a range of innovative metrics for site optimization like bounce rate, time spent on pages and how effective your content is.
    To get the best from your Facebook Marketing initiatives, Get in touch with a digital marketing firm that ensures in catering to your FACETIME quotient starting today which will help you get the best from digital marketing services in the long-run.
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