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7 Traits Effective Copywriters Have in Common

Copywriting is all about the details. And all great copywriters are sticklers for what they believe is the right way to create content. But somewhere in between the quirks and strategy, we find that all efficient copywriters have certain habits in common.

Here are the seven habits that can help you be a great writer:

1. Good copywriters ask questions. As many questions as possible.

Well-organized copywriters understand that the only way they can curate efficient content is by knowing everything they possibly can about their clients. They ask as many questions as possible to get a complete understanding of their clients’ needs and only then will they begin to strategize on the language and content.

Transparency and honesty about future goals and gaining a clear insight into business needs helps copywriters create personal and effective content.

2. They understand their audience.

Who are you writing for? What do you want to say? How can you make it interesting?

Copywriters understand that 800 words on a product or service is not everyone’s cup of tea.

That certain information is only meant for certain groups of people.

And that there is a completely different audience who prefer short crisp content.

Knowing exactly who your audience is and how they like to access information is one of the most important tasks of being a good copywriter. This not only makes sure that information reaches the right audience, but also ensures that your strategy is more focused.

3. Experimentation is their BFF!

Copywriters are always on the lookout for new and more exciting ways to say the same thing. They are trend junkies who have probably worked incredibly hard to develop their style of writing but that does not stop them from wanting to know more!

This need to experiment constantly makes them information and popular culture hoarders. Sure, not every idea hits the nail on the head, but this does not deter them trying something new from time to time.

4. Design is their secret muse.

Find us a copywriter who isn’t secretly in love with typography and design and that will be the day we admit pigs can fly. Because in all seriousness, which copywriter does not want to see their content beautifully displayed?

Design and Copy go hand in hand in helping deliver the right message across to readers, and good copywriters are more than aware of this fact. They make sure that the content, creatives, and typography all match the brand’s identity and generate collateral that are harmonized.

5. Simplicity is key!

Write without fear, edit without mercy – Joseph Heller

Copywriters are masters at being able to take complex information and break it down into simple, crisp, and concise data. But what is more important is the ability to take data and turn it into stimulating copy that delivers information as well as maintains a hold on their audience.

6. Copy is about numbers.

The world is shifting and the way copywriters work has gone through a drastic shift over the past decade. Copywriting is not no longer about writing tantalizing lines but it also requires the writer to keep a good eye on the marketability of the content.

With the coming of Social Media and Search Engines, the job of a copywriter now revolves around having an in-depth statistical know-how of their target audiences, their likes, interests, and preferences. Writing is now just as much about enticing audiences as it is about knowing the psychology behind words and prompts.

7. Research. Research. Research.

An amateur assumes. A professional confirms.

Writing is a ballgame not everyone is cut out to do. Most writers assume that the art of creating content is just that, an art. The reality of writing is far more gruelling and tedious.

Copywriters are extensive researchers who need to be able to confidently vouch for every piece of information they put out. This makes the task of delivering large scale content an extensive process of checking and cross-checking facts.

Copywriters not only research about what they write but they’re constantly on the lookout to find new and innovative ways to give out information. Almost makes you think about it as a science as much as an art form.

Want to add to this list, or know more about Copywriting as a profession?

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