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5 Key Points About Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

There’s no easy way to put this but – DIGITAL MARKETING IS A TOUGH JOB!
Sure, you could have the best designers, writers, and SEO strategists on board to help you build viral-worthy content, but you would still have to battle technology and its many constraints. From content that loads too slowly, to addressing the needs of adaptivity, and right down to ever changing search engine algorithms. Digital Marketers and Content Publishers must constantly keep all these variables in mind while creating online campaigns – NOT ANYMORE! Well, not to the degree that we did earlier anyway.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) have been making the rounds for a few months now. Not only are they a quicker way to load content online, but they are also the default preference for Google Search Results. So, what are Accelerated Mobile Pages, better known as AMP, all about?!

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages are FAST!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) prioritizes content over any other media. What this means for a digital marketer or online publisher is simple – your audience no longer has to wait.
An Accelerated Mobile Page is built to suit the needs of publishers and companies who regularly put up copy heavy content online. Web pages usually take a couple of seconds to load content, the longer the wait the higher the chances are of readers abandoning the link. But unlike usual Javascript based web apps and webpages, AMP based web pages load content before they load heavier media such as videos or pictures.

2. They do wonders for your SEO!

Accelerated Mobile Pages meet two of the most important criteria for optimised search results – They are incredibly fast to load and are mobile compatible. As AMP gets optimised further, what online publishers can expect is better rated Search Engine listings for websites and web apps developed with AMP.

3. Enhanced Promotion

Not only does Google prioritise AMP pages, but they also appear on the Google News Reel and are ranked amongst the top pages with a lightning bolt symbol next to it!

4. Better Monetization

The widespread promotion and access that AMP provides to apps and websites online directly translates to greater traffic for promotional content. Moreover, since the promotional content only loads after the main copy of the site, loss of viewership is greatly diminished.

5. Mobile = accessible

According to a comScore report, the total number of global users for mobile has surpassed the total number of desktop users! What this means for online content publishers is simple – your audience gets content that is not only responsive but also loads within a matter of seconds. The adaptiveness of Accelerated Mobile Pages makes them the perfect solution for online publishers.

AMP can easily be adapted to WordPress and other JavaScript based sites within a matter of minutes, it’s the perfect solution to a complicated problem.

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