Over the past few years, social networking websites have acquired enormous fame. Social media has radically transformed the way we converse to each other. Social Media is no longer limited to just being a communication platform. As social media usage is on a vertical mount, more and more brands are waking up to the supremacy of word of mouth.

India alone accounts for over 50 million Facebook users and 13 million Twitter users. With more than 14 million users in India, LinkedIn can’t be taken flippantly. With these stats being only India-specific, one can only weigh the number of global users existing on the online room. These end users have exploited the clout of social media by becoming prominent influencers and verdict makers. A cogent digital operation with the right brand communication can help foster, motivate and promulgate the brand to the desired target audience.

With the increase in the time spent on social networking sites, advertisers are channelling more ad currency into campaigns targeting users on those platforms. Facebook ad costs are pretty sensible, thereby allowing companies of any size or budget to trial them out. As the second most accepted search engine after Google, YouTube presents an incredible opportunity for exposure through the ads. Likewise, LinkedIn launched its own ad network a few years ago, called DirectAds which supports the business gain exposure and engagement within the social network. One of the chief benefits of social media advertising is that advertisers can take gain of the users’ demographic information and target their ads suitably.

With the help of social media services, brands can create a buzz, about their unknown product or service and create traffic to their website on the course. It is proven that social media and marketing gets the business connected to its customers in a better way. No Buzz - No Sales! More Buzz - More Sales!

Why SYNERGOS for Social Media Marketing?

It is definitely not just about 'getting out there'. To convey genuine, computable results, SMM campaigns need to have the ideal blend of community, engagement and promotional messaging. And they need to clinch the potent communications to the SEM and SEO work.

Millions of brands are opening to hold social media close to them as a podium for their brand engagement and awareness, but only a small division have got it right in deducing genuine and measurable results. SYNERGOS’ clients are among these fortunate few! SYNERGOS is in a constant state of progression. We let your consumers promote you!

SYNERGOS' approach to social media optimization is evidently planned and tactically executed. We support our clients in achieving business goals based on their success metrics. To grow a social network, a company should contribute and engage with communities of interest. We write timely messages on the social media platforms to maximize user engagement with the brand. Through our effective social media strategy, SEO and SEM efforts will be benefited. SYNERGOS demonstrates the results to its clients through ritual reporting.

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) services include:

Social media marketing strategy - We gauge your needs, sketch opportunities and fix definite activities for long-term social media success. We work with you to guarantee the reliability of your brand.

Social media inspection – We analyze your business’ existence across the various social networks and come up with a strategy to improve it.

Social network profile creation – We categorize the social networking sites where you should keep your presence high. We then create and manage your social networking profiles to increase your brand awareness and engagement and pull mutual conversation. With a social networking page, you have direct access to your customers and a means to share special deals and put up a social occurrence with them.

Social media tools recommendations - We use our proprietary tools and also help you choose the right social media tools from the hundreds of them available, to track performance and opportunities based on your budget.

Social media apps - We recommend social media applications that are precise to your company. There are several types of social media apps with different purposes such as monetization, creating contests, giveaways or merely to create a fun user experience. Picking the correct, innovative applications will further build up your community of reliable customers.

Social media advertising - We collect images for the ads and write very appropriate, reliable and high converting ads for the brand. We check the campaign results on an everyday basis and make any necessary changes including altering bidding constants. We secure the advertising procures for our clients through Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Blog design and optimization - A booming blog can draw concentration from potential customers to your company and its products and services. Blog provides a stage in which the company can directly interact with both its existing and possible customers.

Social bookmarking - We propose social bookmarking submission services to ensure better online visibility for your website. Our SMM team will manually submit your company’s sites in the popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc, and thereby assuring visits to your website.

You can see what we can do to your brand with social media for yourself. Contact Us to request a social media campaign proposal.

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