If you are oblivious to the digital arena, you are not going to win. No matter what the subject is, it is now the basic platform for analysts, companies and even journalists. It is where perceptions are created – digitally, virtually and globally. Balanced combination of marketing tools and innovative marketing ideas leading to visibility in search engines is Search Engine Marketing. It includes the process in which the World Wide Web is utilized to identify and attract new customers to a website.

SYNERGOS is a leading company offering strategic search engine marketing solutions. Our team of specialists can help you with SEM needs to generate the highest marketing results possible leading to create high visibility. We come with a great zeal to anticipate new trends and implement these new strategies for our client’s website to help it in ranking higher with the major search engines. We initially research about the business and the marketing goals and then recommend the optimal combination of services and customize the strategy to match your unique needs, capabilities and business model.


If you are not on the first page then, you go unseen. Our search marketing experts have the methods to put you there and maintain it even. We follow the pay for performance model, that, we get paid only if we achieve your business’s search marketing goals. Our campaigns empower to drive the day to day online activities impacting the brand’s market perception positively and customer loyalty. We aim to assert ourselves as thought leaders in SEM space. Concierge- style quality of service, round the clock attention to detail and accountability for our services are offered by us to work hand in hand according to the client’s requirements. We ensure that our clients are on the forefront of every technology available.

Our Search Engine Marketing services include:

SEM Keyword Research - Initial priority being Keyword research, involves us researching your markets, measuring the competition for these keywords, what your competitors are targeting and what your potential customers are searching on.

Competitor Analysis - To research the competitors and their search engine marketing processes and targeted customers. Resulting in a SEM strategy focussed directly on achieving the highest rankings for the most relevant keywords.

Campaign mapping – Strategise and Map SEM campaigns resulting in optimising and improvising the process.

Ad creation – To create innovative text and image advertisements.

Bid Management – Understanding the value of clicks; this includes managing the bid levels at various stages of the campaign.

Contextual Advertising – Delivering ads to target web sites, portals and social media sites that are directly related to the content being viewed, helping to ensure that the right audience gets your message.

Campaign tracking and reporting - One of the key benefits of SEM over other traditional marketing vehicles is the highly measurable results. We believe in regular reporting so you can track your campaign progress every step of the way. Reports of ranking, link building, progress and analytics are delivered on time.

Pay Per Performance - In order to achieve the best marketing results in the integrated digital marketing, we, here at SYNERGOS believe in one business model Pay per performance. We follow the pick of “Pay-Per-Performance” advertising model which gives you instantaneous results. Instead of paying to place your ad, you pay for each lead your ad produces. The SEM services provided by SYNERGOS help your brand gain better traffic over your competitors due to the better placement. Let us increase your traffic and improve your enquiries and sales.

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