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Trending with the help of Google trends

Did you ever dream of having a magic wand or a mirror that forecasts your future that could help you spot in trends early for your business?

If yes, you can continue reading how some basic knowledge on Google trends can help you keep abreast of a lot of activity in the industry and about your competition helping you strategise your plans better.

So firstly, look at the below figures.

33% of automobileproducts/services customers used search engine before buying

43%people buying cars research online prior to purchasing

58% who bought offline did online reasearch first

Looking at the above figures, one can understand how important it is to keep a tab on the current trends in your industry . This will help you beat competiton and increase profits. One of the simplest tool that can help you understand loads with few simple pictures is the Google Trends website. The amount of information you can garner from it is limited only to your understanding of interpreting the graphs therein.

Let’s have a look at the amount of data a simple graph shown below can reveal. You will be amazed at the information you have been overlooking till now that is available free on internet.

What does this simple graph depicts? Let’s try and think of things we can make out of this simple graph.

  1. There are 4 categories of vehicles from automobile industry on display here. SUV, MUV, sedan and hatchback
  2. The graph shows figures from 2004-present day ( July 2014)
  3. We can see a continuous rise in the number of searches for all the categories except for MUV. This means the demand for MUV has stopped rising with time while others categories of vehicles are doing well in the market
  4. Another look at the graph shows the difference in the interest of people in various categories in India with SUV being a clear leader among others
  5. The preference of Indians seems biased towards SUV followed by Sedan. Hatchback and MUV’s lag behind in the trend. From this we can have an idea of changing demand and preferences of customers with time and thus get better accuracy in forecasting future demand
  6. SUV has garnered at least 6 times the searches than that of hatchback and 3 times that of sedan. This shows that the industry focussing on new launches in SUV sector in coming months will be the biggest gainer of profits provided there is no major outside factor affecting the current trend
  7. The trend of searches has increased before festive seasons around August-October and around new year showing a clear buying pattern of aspirational goods like car and its association with festivals
  8. The April-June decline in the sedan industry shows in the graph very clearly due to rising fuel prices
  9. In 2008, sedans were the most sought after category among other vehicle types which gradually gave in to SUV’s and the trend is continued since then
  10. The graph also shows reasons for a sudden increase in searches with the news headlines marked with different letters. As we hover our cursor over those letters, the news that was responsible for the spurt in the searches pops up.
  11. The above graph shows the change in interest in SUVs’ and sedans based on the regions. A closer understanding of the user profile will help dealers target the consumers better with unique offers for different regions.
  12. Now, as we look into the above keywords for sedan, we can get a glimpse of what is the most sought after keyword and the ones that are performing very well in the sector one is working at that point of time by just looking at the top and rising searches for that sector. A close look at these keywords would help us understand which ones to use for getting a better visibility for oneself.

The list can go on and on thereby proving to be a crucial tool of growth for people who can analyse the information available and correlate it with the surroundings. So, ride on the trend and get your company trending!

Note: All figures are taken from Google trends website


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