4 Reasons You Should be Concentrating on Mobile-First Indexes

Google’s new roll out – Mobile-First Index is grabbing the attention of techies everywhere! Google is going to be using their mobile version as their primary first index from the near future. This change has dawned on many active industry users, who are keen on cracking the algorithm down and refining themselves on the know-hows. […]

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How do SEO + UI/UX drive better results?

The digital marketing landscape has changed drastically over the past year. Advanced proven metrics such as new and returning visitors, top organic landing pages, user demographics, conversions etc., are evolving to be a lot more important than the usual digital marketing staples. We are all aware that, traditional marketing trends rely comprehensively on SEO for […]

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The revival of Copywriting!

Copywriting is DEAD! Or so was claimed by a popular web blog back in 2011. Five years later, we find that the demise of professionally constructed content to be far from the grave. Content and content management has changed into a precise and technology driven ball game that has moved from traditional marketing into a […]

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Brand equity and positioning

Brand Equity. Evasive, intangible, and prone to flux. It is a concept that tries to effortlessly merge statistics and sociology into one comprehensible package. And not always in the most clearly defined way. But to understand what we mean by Brand Equity, we first need to understand what we mean by BRAND. So, what is […]

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