Learnings from Social Media Trends of 2017

The world of internet is increasingly catching up; more and more people are getting internet-savvy, spending a lot of their time on the Internet. This has given an opportunity for businesses to use social media to target their consumers online. However, to make the best use of social media, brands and businesses need to stay updated with the latest trends and consumer expectations.

Better understanding of 2017 social media trends can help you leverage them in your 2018 digital marketing strategies.

In this post, let us discuss the key social media takeaways from 2017.

Google and Facebook Advertising Growth

Internet usage is increasing day by day and with it, online advertising. 2017 saw a steep increase in both with various businesses and brands spending billions on online advertising across various platforms. Most of this revenue was spent on Google and Facebook advertisements, and the amount has been considerably higher than the previous years.

Total revenue spent on Google ads in 2017 increased by a whopping 30% than it did from 2015 to 2016.

In 2017, Facebook earned less than half as much as the revenue generated by Google from paid ads. However, the social media platform saw a good 62% growth in ad spending from 2016. This impressive growth shows that Facebook will continue to rise as one of the major advertising platforms for the next few years.

All other social media platforms are still below average when it comes to monetization. Revenue generated by all other online platforms combined only increased by 9% in 2017.


Facebook and Google advertisement will continue to rule in the upcoming year too.

Facebook and Pinterest Ads Drive Purchases

It has been observed that Facebook and Pinterest drive online purchases more than any other social media platforms. The nature of both the platforms is such that people spend a lot of time browsing and end up making purchases more than anywhere else.

However, paid advertising hasn’t gained momentum on Pinterest; but the platform still manages to drive a good number of sales – almost as much as Facebook! Facebook and Pinterest drive more sales than Google as well.

It is observed that 26% of audience who clicked on an ad on Facebook converted it into a purchase. The same applies to Pinterest, the number being 24%.


Advertise where your consumers spend the most amount of time online. Use appealing images and right language to drive sales.

Consumers are Expecting More and More from Customer Service

Life for internet savvy individuals is getting easier as they now have everything at their fingertips. Shopping, communication, etc., is made easy and therefore, the standards for customer service are continuously growing.

Consumers are looking for customer support that is easily accessible, and are expecting brands to be responsive and available all the time (thanks to various work shifts and individual lifestyle preferences).

In 2017, the role of social media has slowly expanded to online support. Allowing your audience to get in touch with you through Facebook, Instagram, etc., gives you an opportunity to ‘be available all the time’ and ‘be easily accessible’. It also helps resolve consumer concerns at runtime and can actually lead to a successful conversion.


Start using your social media channels to be in touch with your consumers. It gives your business a personal touch and also helps solve consumer queries quickly – helping the consumers and your business as well.

Social media marketing is on the rise and will continue to do so in the coming years. Tactfully using the takeaways from 2017 and implementing the right strategies in 2018 will only prove beneficial and profitable for brands in the coming year.

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