7 Tips to make the most out of your Instagram Business Account

Instagram has quickly risen to become one of the most influencing social networks. Centred around visually appealing pictures and videos, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses like restaurants, hotels, arts and crafts, travel, etc., where most of the content is visual. When done right, Instagram can help you build an engaged follower base that can help elevate your business’ market position.

In this article, we have listed 7 tips to help you make the best out of your Instagram account:

1. Use hashtags in the right way

One of the best ways to increase your reach on Instagram is to use hashtags. However, overdoing it or using the wrong hashtags can kill the effect. Captions filled with hashtags that are not even relevant, can be more bad than good. Do some research on the popular hashtags of your industry and use the required number for increased visibility.

2. Don’t skip the Explore tab

The most popular photos and videos of Instagram get featured on the Explore tab. Furthermore, these photos and videos are tailored as per your Instagram activity – likes and comments made by you or the people you follow. Check this section regularly. Not only will it help you find new accounts to follow but also give you new content ideas.

3. Keep your followers interested

Keeping your existing followers interested is important on Instagram. If you don’t post for a long time, there is a high chance you will lose some followers. Keep your followers engaged by posting new content every day or at least every alternate day. Again, make sure not to go overboard with it and avoid posting 10 photos a day; that will cause you to lose followers too!

4. Value your followers

Never ignore your followers who like and comment on your photos. A follower lost is an opportunity missed! Make them feel valued by replying to their comments, following them back or interacting with them on their posts.

5. Do not purchase followers

Purchasing followers is not an expensive game on Instagram but it only results in fake and inactive followers. Additionally, if you have 20,000 followers but almost nil likes and comments on your posts, your little secret will be exposed too. Aim for real engagement always!

6. Pay attention to your posting schedule

The performance of your posts highly depends on the time your followers are online. Most Instagrammers belonging to the working crowd login in the morning and in the evening, usually on the way to or from office. Post when your target audience would be online – College students in the afternoon during lunch breaks, housewives at mid-day after finishing all their work and before lunch, and so on.

7. Post colourful photos and videos

Instagram users are always looking for something visually appealing. Post pictures that are aesthetically shot and are of high quality, so that your followers see value in following you. Use editing tools provided on Instagram to give your pictures an edge. While Instagram provides you with dramatic filters to transform your pictures altogether, try not to overdo it. Keep the contrast close to normal as people prefer seeing photos that are close to natural.

Follow the tips given above and improve your Instagram performance organically. At SYNERGOS, we believe that when followers are fostered with care, they help promote your brand and result in improved business. Get in touch with us to leverage social media for your business needs.

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